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Certified Professional Photographer / Studio Manager


Caroline Brogen is one of only 55 Certified Professional Photographers (CPP) in Massachusetts, an internationally award-winning photographer, as well as the Brogen Photography Studio Manager. 


Caroline has been interested in the arts, especially dance and photography since she was a young child. She began her creative journey as a dancer when she was three years olds and pursues this avocation still today. Her love for photography also developed at an early age; growing up, her family always used slides, pictures and videos to document daily life, special events, trips, etc and then to reminisce about fun times. A tradition she continues as an adult through digital scrapbooks of her life with her husband and three young children.


In “Corporate America” Caroline acquired over 25 years of administrative, technical, educational and management experience working in various roles.  She is an exceptional leader in managing various business functions, with a history of improving efficiencies and operations. As a “Mom” she has been “in your shoes” ordering images and merchandise from other vendors, and as such listens intently to client feedback using it to help her think “outside the box" to provide original, customized ideas within the Brogen Photography services and packages. Her goal is to have the studio processes as “client friendly” as possible.


Influenced by her creative mother and business savvy father, Caroline has realized that it is possible to marry the right and left sides of her brain…allowing her to be a successful businesswoman running the studio with her husband, Randy, in addition to being an innovative photographer specializing in infants and childrens portraits, as well as dance photography. In addition, she likes photographing vintage and antique items and experimenting with monochromatic treatments and textures to make a good image even more powerful.


Caroline is a member of the Professional Photographers Association (PPA) where she has been awarded multiple state, regional and international ribbons in print competitions since 2011. She earned her Certified Professional Photographer designation in September 2015.


Whether behind the lens or behind the desk, Caroline strives to make Brogen Photography clients feel like they’re working with old friends not a vendor, and enjoys creating a unique and memorable experience every time.

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